Kemono no Chat Manga Last Chapter

The last chapter of Kemono no Chat, the manga that inspired many otaku and an original OVA in 2009 (oh, the many uses of words in English!), was published by Takeshobo’s Manga Club Original’s December issue that was released on the market just this Wednesday. Kemono no Chat has been going on since 2005 and has sld more than 300,000 copies in Japan. The manga will be published in 7 book volumes.


Takayuki Mizushina, the mangaka, is a very interesting person and there is no wonder the manga will be missed by many…

Kemono no Chat is about the story of the young Chacha Kenomoto who can not only hear what cats say, but also communicate with them. Actually, the title of the manga is related to her name and at the same time depicts the manga in a great way by meaning ” Chatting with Creatures”.

Also, as I’ve said, Takayuki Mizushima is a very interesting person, apart from being the creator of the Kemono no Chat manga, he also produced and wrote the anime (OVA) theme song; he has also been a reporter, game tester, teacher and a stage actor.

Source: Comic Natalie

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I actually quite liked the OVA… the manga – not so much, but I wish good luck to the mangaka! :)


In new projects, right? :) Same here. It had quite some funny parts, though.


It was really a funny read. I will miss it.