Anagle Mole Manga Chapter 1 Launched

The first chapter of the new manga by Tsubasa Fukuchi (The Law of Ueki) was published in Wednesday’s weekly Shounen Sunday. In this story it seems like everything revolves around the people in two different places – one on the surface of the world and the other – deep in the underground. The ones from below are planning to start expeditions to the surface in order to understand the upper society. Teisatsu, depicted in the first chapter, is a young exploring spy of the underground nation. In this first chapter we are enjoying his first touches to the people from above his usual habitat and how everything they have in difference with his own habits and everything else he is used to, just plainly confuses him.


Source: Comic Natalie

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I think that’s a comedy manga… Sounds a bit weird to me, but haven’t seen it yet, so I won’t talk :)


The Law of Ueki was hilarious and typical shounen, so I expect the same from Anagle Mole. Nice to see the mangaka with a new project :)


Sounds really cool!