Shounen Jump Alpha – Only in USA and Canada

After all the good news on Viz Media, there was bound to be at least one bad. This time, it’s a negative one for the Europeans, Australians and Asians, as well as South and Central Americans – the new Shounen  Jump Alpha digital magazine, which is the new and revamped printed Shounen Jump, will be available only to the USA and Canada. According to Alvin Lu (General Manager and Vice President of Viz Media), there are no current plans to supply the new magazine to other territories. Of course, as a real politician, Lu wouldn’t entirely deny the possibility of such a spread of the media, but in the future and only if it can pull it off.

Source: New York Comic Con

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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I will even say YEEEEAH! Didn’t want the sh*tty digital thing anyway…


With you on that one ;)


That’s not really bad news. Whoever wants it, can download it. The rest of us will enjoy the real paper.