Tiger and Bunny’s English Dub Confirmed!

Another great news for all of you who hate having to watch your anime in Japanese or with the DVD’s subtitle version only. There will be a dubbed version of Tiger and Bunny and it will be totally official! No more fansubs for you – good news if you hate the bad translations! Also, this is the best of news for those of you who love anime, but cannot understand Japanese!

According to the information given at the New York Anime Convention/ Fest, the dubs are still at pre-production stage and there are still too many things to be done before the final product is ready for the market.

This is just a tiny piece of information shared with the fans, but it is still enough to get the adrenaline for all those Hero fans out there! Don’t forget that a special Tiger and Bunny franchise thingy will be announced in next month’s special event in Japan.

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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I’m from Germany, but if it will be released in the usa, then I can buy it, haha~
And yes, the dubs often are really bad, but often there is sub too on the dvd… so we can watch it in japanese with subs :3


Actually, the only thing worse than fansubs are official dubs… Soooooo weak and totally ruining the characters. Good luck to Tiger & Bunny. Bet Tiget will sound like an old bear…


Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa! Totally!


Agreed on the awfulness of dubbing. I actually would suggest official subbing instead. Anime is rarely (never?!) suitable for children who are too small to read, sooo…


You actually have a point there… Liked the old bear part.


You’re a fucking idiot. That ‘ruining the characters’ bullshit has been spouted so many times and I’m getting tired of it. Kinda want to punch you in the face just out of rage.


Cool… That means the anime’s popular enough, which is a good thing.