Grand Jump Premium to Launch in December

In the final edition of Shueisha’s Super Jump Magazine became known that the previously announced Grand Jump monthly media by the same publisher will launch this December. In addition to the already mentione din the previous post series and projects that will be continued from Business Jump and Super Jump, Shueisha’s new seinen magazine Grand Jump Premium will publish Araki Joh, Hiyoko Kobayashi’s “Oui Chef” cuisine-themed manga, Norifusa Mita, Junichi Nodo and Seiki Tsuchida.

Seems like the fans will get a good portion of their grown-up manga and all of Shinigami’s concerns were for nothing. Yet, the reason behind creating a new magazine out of two is still unclear. I am still hoping that such a huge company in the manga business doesn’t have financial problems big enough to make it do it. I hope that Shueisha has just decided they’d be better off with one instead of two.


Source: Mantan Web

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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Never heard of “Oui Chef”, but had a look at Peridot… Quite a piece of work.


Yes, he’s the master of ecchi… Why do people consider that the only read for adult people? I mean – should explicit content be the only criteria that the magazine’s aiming at grown-ups?!




Seiki Tsuchida is a my man – lots of drama ;)