Kurogane Manga Posted by Shounen Jump

The official web page of Shueisha’s Weekly Shounen Jumphas published online an official English version of the first ever chapter of the new project by Haruto Ikezawa entitled “Kurogane”. Chapter 1 is 54-pages long and can be viewed by downloading the official Shonen Jump manga reader (can be found in the source page where the chapter is too).

The website’s description of Kurogane is: “Kurogane is a guy with no athletic ability whatsoever. When Tsubame, the girl who sits next to him in class, invites him to join the kendo club, he naturally turns her down. But then, on the way home from cram school, he’s attacked by the ghost of a mysterious swordswoman! A story about careening youth and kendo begins here!!”

Source: Kurogane Chapter 1

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I’ll make a stretch and name it to be the next Bleach…


That’s a long stretch indeed. ;)


Why should it be named Kurogane? There were several manga named like this already…


That’s one of the best manga ever! Great it’s officially in English!