Japanese Man Under Arrest for Consoles

Another criminal has been busted in Japan. This time it’s the seller of around 200 modified Nintendo Wii consoles. This time, the arrest was executed on Thurstday, when the Aichi Prefecture police cuffed 33-year-old Shintarou Monishi. The very nature of the crime is that he had transformed some of the consoles receiving and transmitting abilities making the consoles able to play illegally acquired pirated software games and applications.

The consoles have been purchased by the culprit for about €48 and have then been sold for about €193 after the modifications. In total, the seller has earned about €43,500 from the sales realized through online and telephone sales and auctions.

Seems like there have been quite a lot of busts these past few days. Shinigami-sama will stay active and will try to keep you posted.

Source: Anime News Network

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Lots of crime fighting for Shinigami-sama these days…


At least they’re not blaming anime for it…


Nothing better than a Japanese man working with technology, eh?