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The new and very anxiously awaited anime TV series from the Fate/Stay series is already a proud owner of its very own advertisement video. The ad streamed on the official webpage of the upcoming series and shows just how the graphics will look and probably a bit of the main story line. It definitely looks promising. It would’ve been disappointing to be anything less than that, though. But are 15 seconds enough of a trailer for the public? If you think it is not so, then go and take a look around the site – there are a lot of other videos and information in there!


Video can be seen here

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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Funny how I played the game but never seen the anime…oh, well.


Guess the movie did well last year… ;)


A classic magic and romance anime (even though it’s about…5 years-old) . :) Good to know they’ll make a new season. When more then a year passes and there’s no sign of a sequel, there’s usually none. (I’m not taking the OVA and movie into count) Glad that’s not the case and I’m looking forward to see will they “upgrade” the animation and how much…