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I suppose there is no one who hasn’t heard of the huge franchise entitled Devil May Cry. It all starts in October 17, 2001 when the first installment of the hack and slash game set in modern times is released. It is a production of Capcom (株式会社カプコン), known also for their Resident Evil and Street fighter products.  The original designer is Hideki Kamiya (also worked at Clover Studio, currently with Platinum Games). The original idea being a sequel to the Resident Evil series got very changed and transformed so much that the Devil May Cry title became its very own franchise.  The lead character is called Dante and his fight against gruesome demons.  The DmC Devil May Cry game is the first one that will not be fully developed by Capcom, but by the English studio Ninja Theory (Heavenly Sword, Kung Fu Chaos). (trailer below)

This game gave life to the ever popular action anime TV series going by the same name – Devil May Cry. It first comes out in June 14, 2007 and finished airing In August the same year. Even though it had such a short life, this animated adaptation of the game became an all time favourite for many anime fans.

Though a sequel of the TV series is not probable in the near future, at least the games are continuing to blossom on the market. It is still unknown when the new installment will come out as well as the price of the Xbox/ PS3 item will be.  Yet, everything seems to be going as planned since the announcement of the new DmC Devil May Cry game that happened in 2010 during the Tokyo Game Show.

Source: Anime News Network

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No need to say I’m buying this one, right?