Steins; Gate Franchise to Get its Own Movie

After the last episode we get to see the news of a new movie! Isn’t this some way to tell the fans that their support will be cherished and nurtured?! Steins; Gate’s producers definitely know how to make people nervous and catch the attention (trailer below)

The Steins; Gate franchise already available for gamers and anime TV series will also get its own theatrical version.  This became known after the final episode of the anime was broadcasted. The studo behind the project is 5pb. and after a lot of hints from the staff and producers to the fans, some managed to grab the opportunity and see the trailer of the movie right after the final credits of the last Steins; Gate episode. Still, there is not too much information about the movie, but it will definitely something to watch out for.

The Steins; Gate anime was created after the plot of Nitrplus’ (also produced ChaoS;HEAd) scientific adventure game. The artist behind the scenes is huke (known for his work on Black Rock Shooter).

Here is the little video that appeared after the last anime episode on Wednesday:


Source: Anime News Network

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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It deserves a movie.


Lulubel made me think of suggesting Shinigami-sama a Top 5 Mad Scientists in Anime somewhere in the future…


Okabe is one of the greatest mad scientists out there, isn’t he? ;)


A typical trailer (in a good way) for one of the best thrillers there is in anime. Will definitely watch. :)