ComiPo! to come out in English

It was revealed yesterday that the very popular manga creation software will be finally translated from Japanese and send out to the entire world in English. The trial version can be downloaded through their official website and also – Crunchyroll. (demonstration trailer below)

The creators of the software said that the aim of it is to help out the people who really want to make manga and comics, but lack the drawing skills to do it. In reality, the very core of the program is that it lets the user choose from hundreds of already manufactured 3D characters and settings as well as details, leaving to the user to only put up the text in the fields. The program even has sounds! However, those of you who still think they need to add something of their own on the pages created by ComiPo! – there is an option to import own images to the library.

Here is a demonstration video of the ComiPo! Program which is retailed in English for $49.95 (about €36)


Source: Anime News Network and Official Website

Is this great news or not-so-great? What do you think? Comment below.

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Marshmellow Muffin

I think it’s a handicap in manga making process. I can see how this might be useful for writers and to use as reference for different angles, but that’s it….. BIG handicap other wise.


I’m a draw you a sheep now, Little Prince… :P




It’s a software after all… But the drawings seem so…. :D


What genre is that?