Comic Spica to Resume Publishing of Chibisan Date by Hetalia’s Himaruya

The mangaka responsible for the utterly cute and incredibly funny Hetalia series is finally retuning his other project from hiatus. It will most possibly be published in each issue of the Gentoka Comic Spica magazine.

Chibisan Date is the story of the young artist named Seiji and his everyday life spent within the borders of the Island of Nantucket (near Massachusetts) where he lives after moving from Japan. The story has been published by Gentosha’s Monthly Comic Birz in 2009, but was in hiatus for over a year now. It will definitely be a sweet return for everyone who missed Hidekaz Himaruya’s style and manga arts.

Source: Anime News Network

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Sounds like something Haruki Murakami would write about… Love Murakami… :)


That’s the good thing on having a successful project, you can pull the other not-so-successful ones out of the closet. Don’t know if I’m gonna like this one – really different from the Hetalia I love, but – why not!?