Ao no Exorcist Manga and Novel are No. 1

The animated series Ao no Exorcist that are currently airing on TBS, streamed by Aniplex, are definitely giving a great boost to the entire franchise since both the 7th volume of the manga and the entirely new novel are on the first position in Oricon’s book and comic charts for the past week, which was their first one on the market.

The first novel of the franchise is entitled Ao no Exorcist: Weekend Hero and is illustrated by the original mangaka Katou Kazue and written by Aya Yajima. It sold 62, 000 copies in its first week. On the other hand, the seventh volume of the series were the first ever manga published by Jump Square to reach the one million copies milestone.
Ao no Exorcist, or the Blue Exorcist, is a fantasy shounen anime that shares with us the story of Rin Okumura and his internal fight with his darker side. For more info, you can check this anime’s description and data in The List (Ao no Exorcist).



Source: Oricon

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Hope it’ll last long enough to give Bleach and Naruto a run for their attention…


Congratulations! Definitely a good Shounen. :)


So happy!!! It’s my new season favourite!!!! Hope the plot will develop into something less-ecchi, though…