Viz Manga – 7 Naruto volumes in 7 days

The already established Viz Manga reader for portable devices and site are starting off September with the immense number of 7 Naruto volumes for a week. Well, isn’t 7 a magical number?

The iPad, iPhone and iPod application and will give all their users volumes 46-51 within this time and on September 6th, Naruto volume 52 will debut at the exact same moment with the printed version! Now, isn’t this something new!

Other editions of the media will get updated this week too, don’t worry, here’s a simplified list of some of the titles: Black Bird (Vol. 10), Dengeki Daisy (Vol.4), Dragon BallZ (Vol. 25), Grand Guignol Orchestra (Vol. 3), Kekkaishi (Vol. 12), Oishinbo (Vol.2), One Piece (Vol. 42), Ouran High School Host Club (Vol. 10), Rosario+ Vampire II (Vol.4), Rurouni Kenshin (Vol. 21)


Source: Anime News Network



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