Steam to Release Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy for PC

Final Fantasy XIII trilogyThe Final Fantasy XIII trilogy will be released for PC, was announced yesterday and confirmed by Square Enix. The project has been taken in by Steam, but will also be available by other sources. The game will be out by early 2015 with the first game coming to players as early as this year – 9th October, yes – a bit over two weeks from now!

PSYCHO-PASS Second Season’s Full Trailer Reveals Tsunemori (Video)

psycho-pass second seasonIt’s the PSYCHO-PASS second season. Akane Tsunemori, the former rookie, is now a senior officer and she one to guide the newbies into the midst of all the crazy events around the town where nothing sleeps, but humanity. Her mind is engulfed by the rightfulness; her soul is taken by certainty. Watch her video below and don’t forget to watch the 11-episode series starting from 9th October!

Hayao Miyazaki on World War Two and the Japanese Government

hayao miyazaki Former Studio Ghibli director Hayao Miyazaki has given an interview about his childhood memories, his adult position and his emotional state in relation to the Second World War. Read the translation of this interview taken and published in Ghibli’s Neppu magazine in its July issue last year (2013). The translation is by by The Asia-Pacific Journal.