Saior Moon’s Toru Furuya to Voice One Piece’s Sabo! (SPOILERS)

One piece Sabo by Sa-Dui

Image via Sa-Dui

It is official! One Piece‘s Sabo’s seiyuu will be Toru Furuya, the man who voiced Sailor Moon’s Tuxedo Mask. “The audition tape for the voice actor for Sabo was amazing! Please watch on 9/28. The voice actor for Sabo will be…” teased mangaka Eiichiro Oda just yesterday via Facebook.

Fly Like Ghibli’s Nausicaa on Kazuhiko Hachiya’s M-02J Möwe

kazuhiko hachiyaIn the latest video, posted a day ago, we witness the S-shaped test flight of Kazuhiko Hachiya’s M-02J flying machine. It is inspired by Studio Ghibli’s Nausicaa movie where the Möwe (Mehve) allows the lead character and her compatriots to travel to long distances in a short period of time, fight in the air and save others as the winds.