Project Itoh’s Genocidal Organ Becomes an Anime Movie (Video)

genocidal organProject Itoh is a very famous late Japanese writer and creator of renowned science-fiction stories. His title Genocidal Organ (Gyakusatsu kikan) will be the next Noitamina project – an anime movie. This is a classic sci-fi story with a war, a lot of action and a bit of pretty ladies. See below for details and three awesome video reviews!

Steins;Gate x IBM = Steins;Gate Soumei Eichi no Cognitive Computing (Video)

Steins;GateIBM is no longer he multifunctional cheating machine in the Steins;Gate universe… at least not only. The company is collaborating with Steins;Gate creators for the Cognitive Computing project. The new electronic helper in life is called Uupa and can do quite a lot of things – all presented by Makise Kurisu, Hououin Kyouma (Okabe Rintarou) and their colleagues from the Future Gaget Lab. Watch all the released videos below!